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Our publications provide motorcycle assembly and electrotechnical knowledge.

We wish you a pleasant time reading and learning, and good work for the assembly! 

Motorcycle assembly

Motorcycle structural knowledge 

When writing this book, we kept the needs of repair professionals in mind. Everything is included, from basic motor skills to power transmission equipment, to setting up the frame and chassis. It contains all the knowledge related to practice, without which the repair of modern motorcycles is unthinkable.

borító2020_LAPOS FORMA.jpg
borító_elektro2020_LAPOS FORMA.jpg
Electrical systems

Motorcycle electrical engineering

In order for a mechanic to be able to repair modern engines with sufficient safety, knowledge of electrical systems is essential. We want to help with this with our book. Everything is included in the book, from the nature of electricity to the operation of injection systems, engine control electronics, and the structure of ABS systems.

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