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One-off parts production and design

It has probably happened to you that you needed some a part, but it was very expensive to get it, or you could not get it at all, and you had to wait weeks or months before riding your motorcycle. We solve this problem by manufacturing the accessory you are looking for. 

The preparation of the components is always preceded by a careful planning process. This covers the mechanical stresses, but flow situations and engine performance can be modeled in either a 2- or 4-stroke engine.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Custom parts

Crankshafts and everything else

If the part does not originally exist, then it is time to think about individual production. We solve such problems with the help of our special production facilities. From the most complex and demanding crankshafts to the production of simple intake manifolds, we are happy to help you!

Technical design


The interlinked CAE software systems enable designing components while testing their stiffness, flexibility, deformed shape, etc., corresponding to the forces occurring in the given structure. Even a complete motorcycle can be designed. from ground up!

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