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Trading of motorcycle parts, accessories and special tools.

Some of our marketed products:


Carbtune II.

Sync tester

Instrument for synchronizing carburetors of four-stroke, (less often two-stroke) multi-cylinder engines. Its robust design makes it practically fault-free, no special scaffolding is required for its use, it can also be used suspended from the handlebars.


Glass candle 

Available with thread diameters of 12, 16, 14 mm, individually or in sets of 4 candles. It allows the carburetor to be adjusted based on the color of the gasoline flame burning in the combustion chamber. With its help, the engine can be set to minimum consumption or maximum performance

colortune in action_edited.jpg


Gap measuring plastic thread

This "tool" is nothing more than a very thin and soft plastic thread, which can be used to determine the operating clearance of the sliding bearings in the engine in a few seconds. There are 10 threads in one package, one thread is enough for a complete inspection of a four-cylinder engine.

Slime Tubeless

Anti-defect liquid

its operation is very simple: the filled liquid is evenly distributed inside the rubber wall. In the event of a defect, the air coming out of the damage (mostly punctures) on the outer or inner tire carries the puncture prevention liquid with it and it seals the damage.

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