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Parts production 

 It has probably happened to you that you needed some a part, but it was very expensive to get it, or you could not get it at all, and you had to wait weeks or months before riding your motorcycle. It could also happen that the part did not even exist originally. Such and similar problems can be solved by using our special production facilities. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

We are happy to help you solve technical problems!  Contact us!


Crankshaft production

Suzuki RGV250/Aprilia RS250 (VJ22)

Based on a special design with an increased stroke. The stroke increased from the original 50.6 mm to 56 mm, thanks to which the capacity of the engine increased to 389 ccm. The performance changed proportionally from about 65 HP to 85...90 HP.

Unique exhaust system

Honda CJ250

Creating an exhaust system is a special task, especially if it is a vintage vehicle that is intended to be used for 24h endurance racing. In this case, the two headers had to be designed to meet at the right location and at the right angle, while the muffler needed to fit perfectly to improve performance and sit high enough not hinder cornering ability.


Individual combustion chamber inserts 

Aprilia RS125

The timing of the combustion process is extremely important, therefor we have prepared cylinder heads with several geometries and compression ratios. After choosing the right part, the engine performance improves, the speed increases, while the operating temperature decreases. 

Stepped connecting rod pin 

Gilera RC125

In the case of engines manufactured in the past, it often happens that the required part is no longer available with the required dimensions. In this case, the big end pin and the pin bore in the crankshaft did not match. We solved this with a custom-made stepped pin. So it was easy to assemble the connecting rod with the crankshaft with the necessary interference fit.

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