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Design and consulting service

Our service not limited to mechanical design, but flow and engine processes can be modelled in either a 2- or 4-stroke engine. The individual design software systems are interlinked (CAE-CFD-CAD-FEM). Thanks to this it is possible to design subassemblies with the required strength, flexibility and shape corresponding to the forces occurring in a given structure. In addition to the design of individual parts, changes affecting the behavior of the entire vehicle (e.g. seat height change, telescopic height, etc.) and complete suspension systems (rockers, springs, etc.) can also be designed. The possibilities are only limited by imagination! 

We are happy to help you solving technical problems at our contact numbers!

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Intake manifold

Suzuki RGV250

In the case of a custom-built engine, larger carburetors may need to be used. We replaced the original 34 mm Mikuni TM34SS with a much larger and easier to tune Mikuni TMX38 . However, the larger carburetor does not allow installation in the same inclined position as the OEM one, so we replaced the rubber intake manifolds with aluminum units that are stiffer and provide the required position.

Exhaust restrictor Laval nozzle

Aprilia RS125

The soul of a 2T engine is the exhaust system. Its operation of determined by the temperature and pressure of the exhaust gas in it. The Laval nozzle restricts the outflow of exhaust gas, which can be matched with the operation of the engine by selecting the right diameter nozzle.  In this way, higher performance can be achieved, while the effect of the tailpipe and muffler can be reduced.


Connecting rod design 

KZH Go-kart

We designed a longer connecting rod in order to reduce friction losses during the power cycle. The goal was to keep weight at the original level, but increase its length as much as possible. The necessary sizing procedure was verified by finite element (FEM) analysis. 

Design verification of a complete internal combustion engine

Suzuki SV650

By exploiting our 0D/1D design possibilities, a full internal combustion engine can also be modelled. The model is suitable for calculating all parameters of the engine that may be of importance to the user. Output parameters are:  power, torque, exhaust gas temperature and composition, or other user-defined data. 

sv650 szim_diagram_vágott.jpg
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